Grant of share awards under Long Term Incentive Plan

Grant of share awards under Long Term Incentive Plan

12 April 2024

On 11 April 2024, the Company awarded the fourth tranche of options under its Long Term Incentive Plan (the “LTIP”) initially announced on 28 July 2023. These are in the form of options over a total of 1,058,334 Ordinary Shares (the “Options”) to the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and other senior employees.

As referred to in TruFin’s announcement on 28 July 2023, the Options are subject to the same performance metrics as the second and third tranches of the LTIP but have a vesting date of 31 December 2026. The Options will expire 10 years post grant date.

The Options granted to James van den Bergh (CEO) and James Hussey (CFO) are subject to performance criteria set by the Remuneration Committee of the Company based on a share price performance metric. The Options granted to subsidiary company CEOs are subject to subsidiary company financial performance metrics.

These awards are intended to align the incentives of the CEO, CFO and other senior employees with the Company's performance and outcomes for shareholders over the long term and to provide effective and attractive levels of reward to retain individuals who are key to the future success of the Company, based on delivering strong performance in a fair and proportionate manner.

Vesting will also normally be dependent on the continued employment of the participant within the Company's group. The awards are subject to market standard leaver, malus and clawback provisions.