Vesting of JSOP Founder Awards

Vesting of Share Incentive/Options for Directors and Other Person Discharging Managerial Responsibilities (together "PDMRs") 

In accordance with the terms of the TruFin Joint Share Ownership Plan 2018 (the "JSOP"), the details of which are set out in the Company's Admission Document, TruFin announces that following the second anniversary of the Company's admission date of 21 February 2018, 25% of the JSOP Founder Awards (as defined in the Admisssion Document) have vested.

 Based on the closing share price of the Company on 20 February 2020, all 395,560 ordinary shares subject to the 25% of the JSOP Founder Award held byJames van den Berghhave ceased to be subject to the JSOP and are held by the trustee of the TruFin plc Employee Benefit Trust. 

The issued share capital of the Company remains unchanged. Full RNS can be found here.