Bold New Platform for Advertising in Games Revealed by Playstack


TruFin plc
(“TruFin” or the “Company”)


TruFin is pleased to announce that Playstack has announced the launch of its innovative new technology for advertisers - the 'Interact' SDK - which offers real world redeemables that reward players for interacting with (rather than being interrupted by) in-game advertisements.

We have all been affected by unwanted ads popping up whilst playing games on our phones and the team at Playstack understand intuitively how annoying this can be. Although advertising will always play an important role in how a game monetises, Playstack is determined to alleviate the frustration that many of us feel by making gaming sessions more immersive and rewarding. Interact gives advertisers a variety of ways to get into games from integrated display to clickable offers and tangible rewards.

"Increasingly, players are seeing ads interrupt their mobile gaming experience, with the tendency being to skip them, ignore them, or even abandon the game. We intend to change that," said Peter Griffin, VP of Partnerships at Playstack. "Our ethos compels us to search out better ways to serve both advertisers and players - so we're thrilled to launch Interact as a better way of serving advertising content in games. We look forward to hearing from brands who are as passionate about their customers as their customers are about gaming.” 

The gaming industry is bigger than the music and film industries combined, with over 2.5 billion mobile gamers globally, yet advertisers are not spending proportionally. Playstack’s Interact SDK builds on knowledge learned from years of gaming industry experience, with simple tools to create integrated advertising. The tech provides multiple touch points in a huge variety of games and gives laser-focused insights into a highly engaged and active audience; empowering advertisers to be part of the play.

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